Henning Walczak, University College London, UK
Henning Walczak

Henning obtained his PhD for elucidating the role of the CD95/CD95L system in activation-induced T cell death, work undertaken in Professor Peter Krammer’s laboratory at the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg. Sponsored by a fellowship from the German Research Foundation, in 1996 he joined Immunex Corporation in Seattle (WA, USA) as a postdoc where he cloned two receptors for TRAIL and discovered this cytokine’s anti-tumor potential. In 1998 he returned to Heidelberg where he became group leader at the DKFZ, and in 2005 co-founded the biotech company Apogenix together with Peter Krammer. In 2007 Henning moved to Imperial College London where he became Chair of Tumour Immunology before joining UCL in 2013 to head the Centre for Cell Death, Cancer and Inflammation and where he recently became Scientific Director of the Cancer Research UK-UCL Centre and Head of the Department of Cancer Biology. Henning’s lab works on the interplay between cell death, inflammation and immunity with a specific focus on the biology of ubiquitination and different death receptor-ligand systems.

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